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Referral Policy

Patients and referring practitioners will be provided with details of the proposed treatment plan, and kept fully informed throughout the programme.

Referring clinicians will be included as far as possible in the planned treatment, undertaking the restoration themselves where they are willing and able to do so.

Patients will always be retuned to the referring practice following completion of their  treatment. Only the treatment for which the patient has been referred will be provided by the referral centre, except by prior arrangement with the referring practitioner.

Dentistry which is not related to the referred case will only be undertaken with the cooperation/consent of the referring practitioner..

Referral Forms

We have tried to make referring to the referral centre as simple as possible. You may contact us using the online form below, by telephone, by email or for CT Scanning please download the hard copy form by clicking here.

When we know your requirements an appointment will be arranged at a time to suit your patient.

Should you wish to speak to one of the clinicians before referring a patient or indeed to discuss any aspects of our care please do not hesitate to phone. If you have any current radiographs of your patient, especially an OPT, it would be most helpful if this could be provided.

You can be confident that your patients will be treated with utmost professionalism, courtesy and consideration and that they will return to your care following the treatment for which they have been referred.

Obviously the consultation is the starting point, and if you wish to be present, we can easily accommodate this.

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